Tired of getting too many leads and sales?

Blue Corona specializes in helping companies get more leads and sales from the web, but sometimes our inbound internet marketing campaigns work too well!. Some clients are uncomfortable being busy and/or when they start making too much money. Instead of playing solitaire or cutting out early for a round of golf, they're forced to close deal after deal and cash check after check. Let's face it, success can be exhausting!

The Solution (Test the form to the right)

If you're currently suffering from excessive lead flow, we know what you're going through. We've been there and so have many of our clients. Introducing LeadStopper, the first ever REVERSE OPTIMIZTION program that makes it virtually impossible for any prospective clients to contact you! That's right - with LeadStopper, clients will find it virtually impossible to get in touch with you!!

See the process in action - Try to complete the form to the right! You can't do it!! That's our reverse optimization program in action. Pretty cool, right?

Benefits of LeadStopper:

  • No more annoying interruptions from lead inquiries and sales calls
  • No more phones ringing or emails requesting information

Try LeadStopper today and you'll be lead and sale free in no time! LeadStopper comes with a money back guarantee and a free downloadable icon that tells your web visitors that your site is protected by LeadStopper.You've never experienced silence until you've installed LeadStopper! Sign up today and we'll stop sales calls and inquiries tomorrow!

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